• Open International de Nantes  • 04 - 10 Sep 2017 • France •  

 TODAY in Nantes  


7th June 2017

Nantes International Open is BAAAAAACK!!!

Throwback: the 2016 was as I'm sure you remember organised on the Cité des Congrès Stage, and managed with brio and flair by the Association Nantes Squash Sautron.

It was the second edition, and it was a frank success. So much so it won the Innovative Event Award by the Cité des Congrès.

Why was it a success?

- It was a confirmation of the original concept: mix Culture Sport, brining sport on the Stage.
- The recognition offered by the players, the audience, the sponsors and the observer.
- A frank public success, with the interest for the sport well alive in Nantes.
- The high level of the competition, offering different styles of squash, and from the five continents.
- A truly global event thanks to medias and social medias.

One of the true originality of the event is the fact that each year, the tournament is held in a different venue.

So, after the Lieu Unique in the first year, then la Cité des Congrès last year, we are taking you to the Nefs this year!

You will come to discover what the Nefs are in the coming weeks, but let's say that a lot of articulated machines, and an gigantic elephant will be heavily involved... So, take your booknotes, from the 6th to the 10th

Our Athletes will challenge the "Machines of the Island"!!!!

Stay tuned, you do not want to miss this...

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Eric Montant, Directeur Dev. Denis Caille, D. Général Adjoint - La Cité, François Le Jort, Directeur tournoi, Christophe Bouin, Président Squash Sautron, Claudie Albert, Chargée de Production et Christophe Martin, Régisseur Général - La Cité.

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