ē Al-Ahram Squash Open NEWGIZA ē 17-23 Sep 2016 ē Cairo, Egypt ē  

  Everything you didn't know you needed to know about the Al-Ahram Squash Open
#1: Mena House Hotel | #2: Le Lido City View | #3: Squashing Al-Ahram


This lovely club house, where we've been doing the qualifying and today the first round of the event, is a bit of an amazing surprise.

Situated on the desert road to Alexandria, it's a good 5 minutes drive away from the main road, up the hill, with a lovely view not only on the valley, but also on the Pyramids.

The place makes me think about St George's in Weybridge, a very private estate 45m away from London, famous for its English League Team and also PSA events, a club with a true history of squash and traditions, surrounded by amazing properties all around.

Bit of the same here property wise, with some huge stunning villas, and I'm told Legend Shabana actually  lives here, and used the club for his academy when he was based in Cairo....

The club house is really well organised, the courts are brand refurbished and extremely well air conditioned, the seatings are well organised, and it's very easy for us to work with.

I had the privilege to meet Lamia Atta, the Lido's General Manager for a year now. Initially working in advertising and events for 22 years, she took over the management of his 7 years club, and is very proud of the atmosphere that reigns in the place.

"My role is to keep the place up to its extremely high standards, itís all about attention to details", she explains.

"The cleanliness, the courts, the pools, we have 22 activities, football, swimming, water ballet, tennis, ballet, zumba, etc, we organise each year a big event for ballet, zumba, where we give the children certificates as wellÖ We are spoiled for choice, and offer so much to our members."

The very elegant and sophisticated lady smiles:

"By the way, I love squash! So when I was contacted by Mohamed Abbas and Amr Mansi, I was only too happy to welcome the Al-Ahram event because I want to promote the club, especially via an event related to sports.

"I believe that Sports is the most important factor in all generationsí life. You are not old, or young for sports. Itís for everybody, itís for all segments of the population."

But it's not that simple to run such a place, she admits.

"This club is precious, and Iíll do whatever I can to keep it that way. We have 25 full-time staff, I have three assistants that help me, plus the people that keep the gardens, the maintenance of the place, electricians. And when we organise big events, we hire more staff as well."

Yes, a lot of work to maintain the excellence of the club. But it's worth it, she boasts quite rightly:

"My club is different because of the privacy and the quietness of the surroundings. We offer stupendous facilities as well, and I think we are probably the only club you can see the Pyramids from, and so close!

"I just love the place, itís very classy, itís very elegant, and Iím working very hard to make sure itís stays that way

Keep up the good work my dear, and I will take up your invitation to come and try the heated pool Inshallah...

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#1: Mena House Hotel | #2: Le Lido City View | #3: Squashing Al-Ahram

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