l Wimbledon Club Squash Squared Open l 12-17 March 2017 l London, UK l

 About Squash Squared

Urban squash programmes provide extra-curricular educational support to socially and economically disadvantaged children and introduce them to squash. They play a vital role in making sure the sport reaches the masses at grass roots level and they provide an opportunity to play and study in safe surroundings. In most instances the children will not have heard of squash.

The Wimbledon Club is the first club in the United Kingdom to found, support and run such a scheme. In part, it does so as a way of contributing to the local community and its efforts have been praised by England Squash.

Selection to join the programme is strict and based on set criteria, a child’ s entitlement to free school meals, their work ethic, behaviour at school, family circumstances and a need for help to keep up academically are all considered factors. Places are over-subscribed by nearly 3 to 1.

Twice a week children from some of the most deprived areas of Battersea are escorted from their school, Sacred Heart, to the club where they receive an hour of squash coaching during off-peak hours combined with private tutoring. The children are then fed and returned to school. The coaching, tutoring and food supplied is completely free to the families whose children are enrolled.

If you would like more information or be interested in becoming involved please contact Stacey Ross ; Director@twcsquash.co.uk


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