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[6] Camille Serme (Fra) 3-1
 [3] Laura Massaro (Eng)   11-3, 11-5, 8-11, 11-8 (51m)


Yes. Camille has today entered History. Like Grťgory Gaultier and Thierry entered it a few years ago, playing the first ever All French Final of the British Open. Camille is now the British Open Champion.

Never easy was the match, as if Laura started slowly in the first two games, she was in fire from that point on! It was a bit expected that the English 2013 title holder would feel a bit heavy legs today. Well, like she mentioned after her match, she hadnít played Nicol in a semi for 3 years, and mentally, physically, a win over Nicol used to mean the end of the tournament!

But this time, it wasnít. And the brave English player had to do it all over again today. And down 2/0, she nearly did it too! After losing the first two games quickly, 3 and 5 in 7 and 9m, we knew when we heard her COME OOOOOOOOON at 2/2 in the third that we were in for a match! Very close between them two up to 6/6.

Camille loses her length and precision on the backhand that was her amazing weapon up to then, all credit to Laura that hits much harder, much more positive coming from the English. 10/6, 11/8 in 14 much longer minutes.

The crowd, a bit quiet, came to life to support their girl. Surely, SURELY they could do it again. And in a nail bitting 4th we went. Close, oh so close, 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 6/6. Laura gets a two points cushion, 8/6.

Camille scores the next 5 points, completely in the zone, while Lauraís heavy match of the previous day seemed to suddenly dwell on her. 11/8, 11m.

Camille just cannot believe it. Very emotional, she has the smile of complete blissÖ Why is beyond me. Itís not like she won the Title she ever dreamed of or anythingÖ

Just to finish a few stats, 29 winners for 9 unforced errors. Quite immaculate squash really.

I canít believe it. Itís amazing. I canít believe it.

Strangely, I didnít feel the pressure at the start of the match, I just did what I had to do on the court. But in the third, she played much better, she is such a fighter, as I played I was admiring the fighter she is, her fighting spirit. And I KNEW she would never give up, even from 2/0 down.

I didnít worry after losing the third, I just thought ok, get back on the game plan, volleying as much I was could, that was the key today. Yes, my shots on the backhand was not too bad. I just tried to volley more, and close the match as soon as I could.

I donít realise what just happened yet. I came here hoping to win the first two rounds, and not do what I did last year, losing in the second round. This is so big for me. I can finally start and believe in my game, in my abilities.

ďIím disappointed but Iím proud of my week and I donít feel like I really could have given it much more out there. It was a really big win yesterday beating Nicol and obviously that match just took a little bit too much out of me. It was 75-80 minutes and it proved to be a little bit too far with Camille being as fresh as she was.

"There are always fine lines. Weíre both really professional, we both train hard and try to do the best that we can do. Iíve had the better of her in recent times so this is fair play. She played a bit better than me today.Ē

[1] Mohamed Elshorbagy (Egy) 3-2
[2] Gregory Gaultier (Fra)
     11-9, 6-11, 5-11, 11-8, 11-5 (93m)


Like his ďtrue heroĒ Nick Matthew, Mohamed Elshorbagy was not at his best physically during this week.

Suffering from a bad cold and from a trouble in his hamstring after an involuntary splits in his first match against James Willstrop, Mohamed was struggling.

But following what his mentor Jonah Barrington told him ďwhatís going to hurt more, the hamstring, or seeing somebody else holding the trophyĒ, he just dug in. And dug in.

Still, it didnít look good after the third game when the French camp was feeling quite rightly very confident.


Gregory Gaultier, a bit slow out of the blocks, Mohamed not too accurate either, a few unforced errors, both rightly a bit nervous.

Close in middle of the game, 5/5, 7/7, Mohamed speeding up the pace (as if it was not fast enough!) and gets it finally on his third game ball, 11/9, 17m. The first game Greg has lost in the tournament.

So Greg changes his tactic. Slowing Mohamed right down, he grinds and frustrates the World number one. The score doesnít tell the story, but the time of the games does, 11/6 in 16m, 11/5 in 15m!

Mohamed looks flat, and Greg in control. But that is about to change.

In the fourth Mohamed just hits and hits and hits even harder. Greg manages to stay in the rallies, but uses so much energy, he can only return the shots, 11/8 in again 18 very long minutes.

In the fifth, itís all about the Egyptian. Now flying, he goes up 3/0. Greg digs in, 4/4. But he doesnít have enough left to stop the Freight Train Shorbagy that steamrolls the points, six, to get to match ball, 10/4 and take HIS title 11/5.

It will take the young Egyptian a few minutes to stand up from the floor where he lays down, letting his emotions flows. He is British Open Champion.

Greg played so well today, in particular in the 2nd and 3rd game, he was killing me, I didnít know what to do, I just told myself to keep fighting until the last point, and I started to hit the ball harder and harder. I want to congratulate not only Greg but also all the French team, they have done fantastically this week, last year as well, they seem to always do well in this tournament.

Itís amazing for me to win such a prestigious event, especially in front of Jahangir Khan. I was talking on the phone to my coach Jonah Barrington, who won the event 6 times, and I told him, only 5 more and Iíll equal your record.

This season, my goal was to reach the World number 1 status, win the World Champs and the British Open. Two out of three, thatís not too bad. But you can imagine how hard Iím going to work this summer and win the three next season.

I need to thank the crowd, they have been unbelievable this week, thank you so much for being here. Also people we players sometimes give a hard time too, who work very hard, the referees. Since Chicago, a lot of thing have changed, the game is becoming cleaner, thanks for that, and thatís all due to the work Lee Drew is doing with the refs, thanks to all involved. And of course, thanks to all the volunteers, and the people who work behind the scenes to make this event happen.

I have worked so hard for this, with my team of people around me, and I really need to thanks Dr Allam, without whom there wouldnít be a tournament, we are all so grateful to you. I need to thank Hadrian Stiff, who has made me work on my short game since El Gouna, thanks ever so much.

Of course, I want to thank my Mum, and my brother, but there is somebody that supports me always in the background, he has brought me up, he always supports me, he is my hero. My dad Hossam.

And today, I would like to dedicate him this title.

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