2015 En Bref everything you never knew you needed to know ...


Some of you are aware I’m suffering from OCD, meaning that I feel extremely comfortable when I can establish and follow a routine, but will get very easily unsettled when you change my habits or way of doing things.

So arriving in the Hull Uni today was a bit of fresh air.


It’s been a rough last days for me, from a personal point of view for a few different reasons I’m not going to bore you with, but enough to say that I am extremely tired, not to mention that the bleeping knees are still not back to normal, less alone better than they were before the surgeries! So driving nearly 6h from South London with bumper to bumper then deluge and gales all the way here was not the best of physios!

So this morning, I was walking a bit like a duck, and driving was the last thing I wanted to do! Cubs drove us to the Uni Sports Venue and right away, I felt I was back home… In the Tournament office, Paul Houghton and Terry Dudley were at their post, smiling and efficient, bless them. Perfect start of the day.

We went straight to the bar – why change the habit of a life time, for tea/coffee you idiots, Steve and I are Teetotal – and found John, the same lovely barman/student who was working last year.

He recognised us right away - imagine that - and provided us with a table that Steve Curtis, the Man in Charge, had put safely out of view for us. So comfy when people are just there to make your life easy!!!

Nice tea/cappuccino for us, and off to work. Steve, pestering against some lighting neon he is not happy about, and don’t start him on reflections, and me, so happy to have a lift right next to the bar from the viewing gallery taking me down to the courtside, grateful, my knees are!

So many people, so many friendly faces, boys, girls, officials. So nice to be able to do my job without any interference or stress/tension. I love the qualifying!

Amazing to feel at home amongst all those great athletes, that don't take themselves seriously, and are always ready for a joke and a smile: as the Egyptians would say, Hamdoulillah!

Today, the girls join the fun, we’ll have three matches at the same time.

Que la fête commence… Let's the fun begin...